10th anniversary of Buena Vista social housing

In autumn 2012, the Buena Vista social housing experience begins. 
A very special condominium created by associations and social cooperatives 
belonging to the Social Club network and by Fondazione 20 Marzo 2006, owner of the buildings in via Giordano Bruno 191 and 195 built for the 2006 Olympics.
Since 2012 there have been three organizations in social management (Social Club, 
associazione ACMOS, Nanà cooperativa sociale) and maintenance of the spaces that 
have worked continuously.

Since then, thousands of people, families, students from all over the world have lived 
in what we have simply defined, another house! A condominium organized in the 
spirit of cohousing with common spaces and managed in solidarity and 
co-responsibility. In addition, many collaborations have been born over the years 
which have made it possible to carry out, despite many difficulties, initiatives and 
projects at the service of tenants and the inhabitants of the Borgo Filadelfia 

This is why we decided to create an opportunity not only to tell about 10 years of 
Buena Vista but also to discuss the future. We want to create a moment of dialogue 
and meeting between the resources, institutions and our territory to 
relaunch in the next 10 years and on this important model of living spread throughout Italy and Europe.

The party will consist of two days:
-23 September from 5 to 7 pm at the Buena Vista terrace: workshop dedicated to the  story of these 10 years and to an in-depth study on collaborative living;
-24 September from 3 to 6 pm: open day and market of ideas.

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